The need and significance of Big Data cannot be undermined in the real world. It is real and it exists. The data coming in to your organization, from all sources combined, is huge now and will reach unprecedented levels within no time. It is time to give Big Data analytics its due significance and Aptroid Consulting (India) PVT. LTD. can help you here immensely.

There is no denying the fact that the growth in the amount of big data is magnanimous. This indicates the need to understand big data so that you are able to identify the crucial information you need from the data you receive. Also, there is a growing need to understand big data analytics. This will give your business a sense of direction as far as the matters of the data are considered. Your association with Aptroid Consulting (India) PVT. LTD. will relieve you from this burden of identifying and analyzing your Big Data. You can keep your focus on your core functionalities and leave big data analytics to us.

When you collect and store huge volumes of data but aren’t able to analyze it in full context or if you spend hours and days waiting to get results, your business may lose its operational efficiency. However, with the advancement in computing technology, there is no need to avoid business challenges as far as your data is considered. For simpler and quick processing of your big data, high performance data mining, forecasting, predictive analysis, text mining and other data management techniques are well suited – all of which are the core services of Aptroid Consulting (India) PVT. LTD.

What is best for your business?

There are four basic approaches to data analytics. Each of these approaches fall under either the reactive or the proactive approach category.

  • Business Intelligence: This is a reactive approach to data analytics. Business Intelligence (BI) basically provides standard and ad hoc business reports that help in analyzing the business’ performance. There are also alerts and notifications that are released based on these analytics.
  • Big Data BI: If the business intelligence reports are made by pulling data from huge data sets, this is your big data business intelligence.

In the above two approaches, the results are reactive. Reports are made from data that is already used and had given outputs.

  • Big analytics: This is a proactive approach where solutions such as predictive modeling, text mining, forecasting and statistical analysis are adopted to predict trends, conduct a SWOT and work accordingly. Here, analytics is still restricted and big data cannot be considered as traditional storage solutions and processing times cannot keep up with the huge volumes of data.
  • Big data analytics: This is where we come down to – identify the critical data from the huge volumes of available data and analyze it accordingly to transform your business’ future. Getting proactive with big data analytics is not something that can be done once, it is a process change, something that your business will adopt to over time.